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La Divine Fragrances

La Divine Fragrances was created by our founder out of sheer passion for fragrances, which she discovered at an early age. She started off by mixing and blending oils and was fascinated with the outcome, especially the range and intensity of scents produced. Her initial product involved making candles in her kitchen during the time of her pregnancy with her first child. This then became a hobby, where she made samples as gifts for friends and family. This now crystallized into a business after the birth of her first daughter. For our founder each scent is inspired by nature, her childhood experiences and now the joy of being a wife and mother.

La Divine luxury range of fragrances can be enjoyed through our various Product Range (click to product page), all of our products use the highest quality of natural oils and fragrances.

Each of our fragrances has holistic properties created to revive the mind, body and soul. These aroma therapeutic oils are designed to calm, relax and create an environment that is memorable and enjoyable.

Health, Safety and Quality Systems

Our fragrances are manufactured internationally by our technical partner, they are fully compliant with IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and RIFM (Research Institute for Fragrance Materials) regulations.

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